It is a historic number: 196 states agreed on a shared global climate treaty at the world climate conference in Paris. This means that more countries than ever before want to take responsibility for the environment and help to limit global warming to a maximum of 2 degrees centigrade.


A central element of any national climate protection programme – as the German Federal Minister of the Environment Dr Barbara Hendricks also states – is the establishment of an efficient waste management. Because modern, effective recycling constantly reduces harmful gas emissions. This is where the business model of the ALBA Group comes in.


Together with the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT, we are assessing in the current study ‘resources SAVED by recycling’ the conservation of resources and greenhouse gas reduction through our recycling activities in comparison to primary production. Through the recirculation of around 5.5 million tonnes of recyclable materials, we achieved a total saving of approximately 51.8 million tonnes of primary resources in 2015 as well as almost 5.9 million tonnes of greenhouse gases.

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